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6 ideas for a Nordic-style party

Eating, and especially drinking, out in the Nordics is expensive, so many people choose to stay at home and invite friends over. Here are some ideas how you can spend a night in Nordic style.

1. Welcome toast – snaps of course!

Instead of champagne, welcome your guests with snaps. With snaps, it is common to sing a snapsvisa, a drinking song. You can check some snapsvisor in our guide here.

Product recommendation: O.P. Anderson Petronella is a perfect option for this as it is slightly lighter (30%) and flavoured with apple and caraway. A more straightforward (Finnish) option is Koskenkorva Viina.

Jaloviina ski

If you don't have a wooden ski to serve snaps with, you can use a normal brick.

2. Leaving your shoes by the door

In the Nordics, a no-shoe policy at home is a question of practicality – apart from the fact that shoes can be supremely uncomfortable, they also get quite dirty during the rough Nordic winters, springs and autumns. So tell your friends to but their best socks on and leave their shoes at the front door.

3. Punch with a secret recipe

The Nordic people often prepare a punch for any evening festivities. It can be strong or mild, but the most important thing is to not to reveal the ingredients, nor the alcohol percentage of it. Check out for example our Sauna punch recipe here.

Sauna bowl with summer punch

You can add some Nordic twist to the punch by serving it from a wooden bowl, called kiulu in Finnish.

4. Salty salmon snacks

In the Nordics, when you are looking for salty snacks, salmon is the easiest answer. You can either marinate the salmon with O.P. Anderson Akvavit – this is the classic – or try it with Valhalla herb liqueur. Of course, because this is the Nordics, there are a zillion other ways to prepare the salmon and there is no right or wrong, although everyone you might ask might have a different opinion.

Salty salmon snacks with Op Anderson

Salmon marinated with O.P. Anderson Akvavit.

5. Decorate with contrasts

Nordic decorating style is known for combining rustic elements and natural materials with modern design. Dig out your vintage cups and plates and combine them with modern ones. Use a selection of different cups for coffee and it’s like you are in a hip cafe in the middle of Copenhagen!

Empty coffee cups on a tray

6. Simple dinner - pasta with vodka

If you are looking for a simple dish to serve your guests, you can try chilli-tomato-pasta recipe that has been flavoured with Koskenkorva Vodka.

Koskenkorva vodka chili pasta

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