Crayfish on a platter

6 tips for a crayfish party

Crayfish parties are a very Swedish tradition. Here's a few important tips on organizing one.

1. Get some crayfish! If crayfish is your main course, reserve at least 10 per guest. If you are planning to have a separate main course and only serve crayfish as a starter, reserve 5 pcs per guest.

2. Organize a long table where guests can sit opposite each other. In the Nordics many people aim to have their crayfish party outdoors but sometimes it is more convenient to relocate indoors, preferably in the veranda. And don't forget to decorate! 

3. Fill up your aquavit stock. Singing snapsvisor throughout the night is hard work and makes one thirsty. We recommend trying out different aquavits, such as O.P. Anderson, Skåne Akvavit or Hallands Fläder. If you want a larger tasting pack, choose Svenska Nubbar which has a selection of small, 5 centilitre bottles of different Swedish aquavits.

4. Eating crayfish is a special skill. A special knife made for this purpose is very useful. It has a small hole in it that you can use for cutting the hard shell of the claw.

5. It is common to serve boiled potatoes, cheese pie and toast with crayfish. In addition to aquavit, many people prefer to drink light lager beer.

6. Last but not least: singing! Along with midsummer, crayfish parties are THE event where singing of snapsvisor is big part of the concept. We have listed a good amount of Swedish drinking songs here.

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