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Best hacks for Nordic midsummer

Here are some tips how to get through a Nordic midsummer.

1. Cool your drinks in a fish trap!

In case your midsummer involves an outdoor party where no fridge is available, check this hack from the north: put your drinks in a fish trap and dump it in the water (a lake or a river). In June, the waters are usually still chill, so that will cool down your drinks quickly. Just be careful that your precious bottles don't swim away with the stream.

wine pouches in a lake

If you don't have a fish trap just tie the drinks with a cord and drop'em down.

2. Use plenty of mosquito repellent

If you are spending your midsummer in a summer cottage, it is very likely that mosquitoes will eventually join the party. Put on repellent before it's too late.

nordic lake view with fog

Midnight sun and morning mist are very beautiful. Unfortunately, also mosquitos like that time of the day.

3. Remember tablecloth holders

If you are going to spend time outdoors and set up a table with a proper tablecloth, remember to bring tablecloth holders. They are small weights that are attached to each corner of the tablecloth in order to prevent it flying away with the wind.

tablecloth holder

Tablecloth holders usually come in a terrible kitch style. But they do their job.

4. Bring enough warm clothes

Nordic people are stubborn when it comes to spending midsummer outdoors. Which means that even if it will be pouring rain, some outdoor activities will take place. It is not rare that the temperatures drop below +10C during the midsummer night, so a sweater and woolen socks are a good idea. And bring a rain jacket, too.

garland in head in a rain

Midsummer celebration in the rain.

5. Prepare your dancing outfit!

Midsummer dances are a common pasttime in the Nordics and they usually take place on  Midsummer Eve or on Midsummer Day. In the countryside, you should be able to find an outdoor dance floor almost in every village.

people with jaloviina bottle

In summer dances, the tradition is that people bring their own bottles and hide them somewhere nearby the outdoor dance floor. Then you can easily go back and take a sip amidst the dancing.

6. Don't run around in fields!

In many old midsummer films you might see people running around in fields - sometimes straight from the sauna, naked.

Even though this is not an urban legend and you can see it happening in Finland, please pay notice that it actually is not very polite to run around fields where people are growing their crops. In worst case you might face a very angry neighbour to ruin your midsummer mood.

Barley fields in the summer

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