Koskenkorva Salmiakki and Koskenkorva Ginger shots with bottles

The best shot combinations

Mixing different liqueurs can be fun and rewarding - but you might also face a hiccup. Learn the safe bets for combining shots.

The easiest solution is simply to pour a shot of your own favourite, for example, salty liquorice, liquorice or mint liqueur, into a shot glass.

But if you want to try some good shot combos, these flavour combinations are well worth a try, with about half and half of each flavour:

1. Herb liqueur and ginger

The combination of herbs and ginger brings together every possible sensation in the mouth – a burning sensation, bitterness, sweetness and freshness. A truly holistic taste experience, in short.

Try these: Koskenkorva Ginger & Valhalla Herb Shot

2. Cognac and ginger

Cognac and ginger is a tried and true combination dating back to the nineteenth century. In fact, this is one of the flavour combinations used in the first cocktails. Horse’s neck is a classic long drink made with cognac and ginger ale.

Try these: Koskenkorva Ginger with Cognac

3. Mint and salty liquorice

Peppermint and liquorice is also a popular combination. The two flavours complement each other, with the freshness and sweetness of the mint balancing the richness and saltiness of the salty liquorice.

Try these: Koskenkorva Salmiakki & Koskenkorva Minttu

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