Blossa 21

Blossa 21 - Annual glögg travels to Valencia, Spain

This year's glögg is a tasteful fusion of traditional glögg spices and the sweet and healthy freshness of the orange.

This year, Blossa has turned to the Spanish city of Valencia to find inspiration for the taste of the year. The city boasts some of Europe's most beautiful orange groves, where white flowers contrast with green leaves and where the sun-ripened oranges light up the tree tops. This year's glögg is a tasteful fusion of traditional glögg spices and the sweet and healthy freshness of the orange.

Every year, Blossa seeks out new parts of the world to find inspiration for this year's glögg. This year the destination is a city in eastern Spain, in the middle of the Gulf of Levante – Valencia! Oranges are a symbol of wealth and prosperity and have become one of Valencia's most important cultural treasures.

Blossa 21 is an artisanal product made of a classic white starkvinsglögg infused with fresh organic orange peel and flavoured with orange blossom.

 "Around Valencia there are beautiful fields of orange trees and from here we have bought fresh organic oranges that we have peeled ourselves.”

The fresh skin is then used to make an orange infusion that forms the base. It is then combined with dried orange flowers and dried bitter orange and lemon zest to create a more complex character. “The sweet and healthy taste is balanced with a hint of bitterness which ultimately marries well with Blossa's traditional glögg spices," says Åsa Orsvärn, Chief Blender for Blossa.

The design of the bottle draws inspiration from the colour of the fruit and the cork symbolizes the trunk of the orange tree. The illustrations evoke the decorative hand-painted tiles that adorn the city's streets, a form of art referred to in Valencia as Azulejo.

The gold-foil number “21” is a historical reference to how the Valencian oranges were wrapped with paper stamped with gold motifs to attract consumers. The design is the work of Scandinavian Design Group Norge, which has created its first design for Blossa vintage glögg this year.

Three tips from Åsa for a more rewarding Blossa 21 experience:

  • Garnish Blossa 21 with a slice of orange and orange peel.

  • Blossa 21 can also be enjoyed as a refreshing orange dessert. Peel fresh sweet oranges and slice them thinly. Place on a plate and then pour on Blossa 21. Let them infuse for a few hours and then serve with a good vanilla ice cream.

  • Serve Blossa 21 with some Spanish-salted almonds, preferably Marcona almonds.

About Blossa vintage glögg:

Blossa has launched a new flavour ahead of every winter season since 2003.

Since 2010, Blossa has taken inspiration from Christmas and the Nordic winter with flavours such as lingonberry, saffron and winter apple.

Each vintage has a new and unique bottle design, which has helped make vintage glögg much sought after by many collectors. Since 2011, Blossa has cast its net wider when seeking inspiration for its vintage glögg. The classic glögg herbs have been blended with new and exciting flavours from every corner of the world. In previous years Blossa has visited India, Italy, Hawaii and Morocco.

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