Blossa Marrakesh Mojito

The freshest drink of the fall is Blossa Marrakesh Mojito. The Blossa 20 Myntathé is perfect for Mojitos, for the white wine based Glögg has flavours of mint and Moroccan green tea.

Ingredients for 1 person

  • Blossa 20 Mynthathé 75 cl

  • 10 Mint leaves

  • 1 Lime

  • 1 tsp Sugar

  • Ice

  • Sparkling water, e.g. San Pellegrino


  1. Place about 10 mint leaves into a high glass. Tip! To get a better aroma from the mint, tap the mint between your hands.

  2. Squeeze half or whole lime juice into the glass.

  3. Pour in some (ca. 4 cl) Blossa 20 Myntathé and add one tea spoon of sugar.

  4. Stir with a cocktail muddler or a long spoon until the sugar dissolves.

  5. Fill the glass with ice, crushed if you please, and add a dash of sparkling water.

  6. Stir gently and decorate with mint leaves.

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