The taste of the North

LINIE Aquavit is not only the oldest aquavit brand in the world but also the most known.

The Norwegian aquavit matures in old oak sherry casks on the high seas. On this journey, the aquavit develops its incomparable softness and unmistakable taste. LINIE Aquavit has been produced in Norway according to the original recipe since 1805. 

Grown, produced and distilled in the North

LINIE Aquavit is distilled from potato-based alcohol in a pot-still process with fine herbs and spices. The aquavit is then placed in oak barrels in which sherry has been previously stored. Through this maturation, LINIE Aquavit gains its golden color, notes of vanilla and wood, and a subtle sweetness.

The result is the uniquely deep flavor nuances of caraway and star anise, followed by fine notes of vanilla and sherry, and an unexpected softness.

The facts

Barrel aging: 16 months
Alcohol volume: 41,5%
Drinking temperature: Room temperature
Colour: Golden
Nose and Palate: Mature and spicy. Notes of vanilla and oak from the barrel aging. Spices deliver notes of anis, liquorice, and citrus fruits.
Finish: Long and warm

How to enjoy LINIE Aquavit?

For the perfect taste experience, LINIE Aquavit is best enjoyed at room temperature and in good company. Try pairing LINIE with seafood - anything from smoked salmon to sushi.

Aquavit in cocktails?

But of course! Thanks to the wide range of taste nuances - from clear and fresh to barrel-aged and smooth - aquavits are also suitable for cocktails and long drinks. Aquavit can replace gin or whiskey in classic drink recipes or be the star of completely new creations. Don't limit your cocktail mixing imagination! 

LINIE Cocktails

LINIE Ginger

Alexa, play ‘Fresh’ by Kool & the Gang

LINIE Nordic Apple

A fresh and fruity aquavit cocktail

LINIE Negroni

Negroni, the Scandinavian way.


Home-made, low-alcohol punches and drinks are growing in popularity. They are surprisingly quick and easy to make when you follow an established recipe and remember a few important rules of thumb. 

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