Nordic by Heart

No sea is like Skagerrak. Its powerful, Nordic nature is unique. Nature and fauna are the heart and soul of Skagerrak, here all senses are exploding with exciting spices and beautiful colours. The raw, salty wind also carries the sweetness of the flowers and berries.

Skagerrak is our compass in everyday life, and it is our anchor in a wild world. It is Nordic by heart, and it has inspired us to create this supreme gin.

The taste of Nordic craftsmanship

Skagerrak Gin is based on more than 100 years of experience in distillation and expert knowledge of how to combine the properties of different plants. In close collaboration with six carefully selected bartenders from some of the most prestigious cocktail bars in the Nordic countries, we created a dry gin with clear juniper flavour a unique Nordic profile.

Discover Skagerrak Nordic Dry Gin Ingredients 

The Skagerrak coastline is home to many aromatic flowers and berries like elderflower, chamomile, rosehips and sea buckthorn. All these are ingredients in Skagerrak Gin and contribute to its unique aroma of flowers and the fruity sweetness of ripe berries.

The citrus element present in caraway caught the attention while developing Skagerrak Gin. Caraway is a very common herb in the Nordic countries, and by using fractional distillation it's possible to isolate its citrus aroma to create a dry gin with a discreet touch of citrus.

Dulse seaweed brings a fresh, slightly salty sea flavor like when you enjoy fresh oysters. The salty aroma of the seaweed is balanced perfectly with the other fresh, fruity and spicy aromas.

The North Star is leading the way

We chose the very dark blue color for the bottle to reflect the character of the Nordic sky and Skagerrak. The bottle is sealed by a wooden cork with the North Star as a symbol. The importance of the North Star to sailors cannot be overestimated. It has shown the way across Skagerrak and guided ships into safe harbours for millenniums. The three dots on the front of the bottle symbolize the three Nordic lighthouses that surround Skagerrak.

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