Christmas wreath

Make your own Christmas wreath

Making your own Christmas wreath is a fun Christmas activity and not as difficult as you might think. Invite your friends, have some Christmassy drinks available, and make Christmas wreaths together!

Christmas wreaths are a wonderful way of adding a welcoming touch and holiday spirit to your home. While you can find wreaths in most flower shops, making your own is both fun and quite simple. Read along to find out how to make your own Christmas wreath.

Christmas wreath

Finding materials

Making a wreath starts with a wreath frame or ring that can be, for instance, wooden or metallic. You can find these in flower shops or craft stores. Then it’s all about choosing materials to wrap and decorate the Christmas wreath with. These can be anything from spruce, fir, and cypress branches to dried flowers, grains, or other materials.

Let your creativity run wild when visiting a flower shop and choose materials and colors that you like. You can also go out in the nature and look for materials there. Rather than cutting, we recommend gathering branches that are already detached and on the ground, to preserve nature.

Binding the wreath

Now to the fun part – binding your Christmas wreath. For this you will need green floral wire that you can find from flower shops or craft stores. There are different wire thicknesses available and here it’s good to thing about the materials you’ve chosen. The thinner the materials, the thinner the wire you should choose and vice versa. Before you start binding, you can cut the materials into reasonably sized pieces.

The smaller the pieces, the smoother the wreath. You decide what kind of wreath you want to make; bigger pieces make for a more relaxed wreath.

First, secure the floral wire to the frame or ring by wrapping it around it a few times. Leave an extra 10 cm that you can use to fasten with when you’ve completed the round. Then, start laying the materials on the wreath making sure that all the branches and twigs point to the same direction. Secure with the floral wire a few centimeters from the stem and keep adding more materials in the same direction, overlapping with the previous one. It’s important to always place the materials and wind the wire in the same direction. Continue like this until you’ve completed the round. Finally, just wrap the two wire ends together and cut them.

Christmas wreath decorations


It’s time to add the final touches. At this point you can decide if you want to hang the wreath on the door or use it as a table decoration. You can attach a silk ribbon for hanging and add any other decorations you wish. These can be something like pinecones, dried orange slices, or cinnamon sticks – any natural material will look great and give you that natural, Scandinavian look and feel.

And you’re all done! The wreath will last long without wilting outdoors but if you want to have it indoors, it’s best to make it closer to Christmas. A tip is to spray your Christmas wreath with water every now and then to make it last longer.

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