Drinks for under the tree

On the hunt for the best drink gifts for Christmas? You've come to the right place! Our Nordic Drinks Gift Guide features 10 gift recommendations to give to that special someone.

For the Home Bartender

Skagerrak Nordic Dry Gin

Created in close collaboration with some of the best Nordic bartenders, this Nordic Dry Gin lives up to high expectations. Skagerrak is a home bar staple and the perfect gift for a cocktail enthusiast.

For the Connoisseur of Cozy

Blossa 23 Gamla Stan

While the Danes have hygge, the Swedes have mysa...and Blossa! This year's anniversary glögg draws inspiration from Blossa's birthplace Gamla Stan, Stockholm and is the coziest gift to give.

For the Outdoor Aficionado

Valhalla Herb Shot

The Nordic climate can be rough on plant growth but makes them pretty unique in flavor. Valhalla is a great example how nature shapes our taste experiences, and this herbal liqueur definitely doesn’t disappoint.

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For the Eco-Conscious

Koskenkorva Vodka Climate Action

The world’s first vodka made entirely from regeneratively farmed barley that has won numerous awards in global spirits competitions. Well doesn’t that just sound like the perfect eco-conscious gift?

For the Nordic Cuisine Enthusiast

LINIE Aquavit

If there’s one food Nordic people love, it’s probably fish. And what goes well with fish? Aquavit of course! Pair the oldest (and dare we say the smoothest) aquavit brand with your Christmas seafood dishes and enjoy a truly Nordic experience.

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For the Coffee Lover

Koskenkorva Espresso

Did you know that Finns consume the most coffee in the world per capita? Makes only sense that the Finnish brand, Koskenkorva, created the most amazing coffee liqueur. Gift it to a coffee lover and shake Espresso Martinis together in a matter of seconds.

For the Party Host

GLUBBEL Sparkling Glühwein

The perfect Christmas aperitif doesn’t exist… Oh wait, that just might be Glubbel! This semi-dry sparkling Glühwein is a delicious gift to give to a party host or stock up on for your own Christmas festivities.

For the Sweet Tooth

Xanté Cognac & Pear

Xanté Cognac & Pear didn’t win the highest Master medal in the 2023 Liqueur Masters for nothing. Applauded as a ‘really delicious liqueur’, it’s the perfect gift for a person with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Looking for a smaller gift?

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For the Adventurous Palate

Jaloviina Hanki

Feeling adventurous? Jaloviina is a truly unique drink that gets a wintry spin in the ‘Hanki’ (Finnish for ‘snow’) edition. Get this for any person up for a new taste experience or someone who just really loves snow.

For the Whisky Drinker

The Latitude 53⁰ Blended Irish Whiskey

Choosing a whiskey can sound like a daunting task but doesn't have to be one! The Latitude 53⁰ is an unpretentious whiskey for an unpretentious person. No jargon, no fancy packaging, no inflated price tag – just a classic, smooth taste.

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