Drinks for under the tree

On the hunt for the best drink gifts for Christmas? You've come to the right place! Our Nordic Drinks Gift Guide features 10 gift recommendations to give to that special someone.

1. Koskenkorva Vodka Climate Action

Award-winning vodka made sustainably from nature’s finest ingredients. Produced in the village of Koskenkorva, Finland, Koskenkorva Climate Action is the world’s first vodka made entirely from regeneratively farmed barley that draws CO2 and stores it back into the ground. This smooth, warm, and pure vodka is the perfect eco-friendly gift for every home bar.

2. Skagerrak Nordic Dry Gin

Nordic by heart, Skagerrak Gin was inspired by the powerful and unique nature in and around the Skagerrak strait running between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Created in close collaboration with six of the best bartenders of the North, Skagerrak offers a truly Nordic experience. The gin is distilled using botanicals including Dulse seaweed local to the region providing fresh, salty, sea-like top notes. Know a gin lover? This is the perfect gift!

3. Blossa 22 New Orleans

Blossa’s limited-edition annual glögg pays tribute to the birthplace of jazz and the Hurricane cocktail. Inspired by New Orleans, Blossa 22 mixes rum, passionfruit, lime, strawberries, blueberries, and chili with classic glögg spices resulting in a nuanced taste. This striking bottle makes for a beautiful present and a versatile tasting experience. Enjoy cold, warm, or in a cocktail and pair it with Christmas sweets or use as an ingredient in desserts.

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4. Valhalla Herb Shot

If you are into herbal liqueurs and have tasted Valhalla, you know why it's the best gift to give. Our ultimate bestseller captures the rugged spirit of the North and smooth indulgence in a bottle. The carefully selected and distilled herbs result in a worthy combination of citrus, bitter herbs, and spices rounded with liquorice root. Valhalla comes in many different sizes (4 cl, 20 cl, 50 cl, 70 cl, and 1 l) so you can choose the best option for your gifting purposes!

5. Koskenkorva Ginger Liqueur

Feisty ginger liqueur for the feisty people in your life. Koskenkorva Ginger tastes sweet but fresh with a strong, tingling ginger and citrus flavor and a refreshing aftertaste with a pleasent burning sensation. Awarded a Master medal in the global Liqueur Masters 2022, the judges had only one word to say about Koskenkorva Ginger: "phenomenal".

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6. Glubbel Sparkling Glühwein

Glühwein + Bubbel = GLUBBEL. Introduce friends or family to the world’s first sparkling Glühwein! This Finnish family invention has captured the hearts of Christmas enthusiasts across the Nordics. Glubbel makes for a tasty Christmas aperitif and goes especially well with finger foods and desserts. Serve well chilled and pair with a cheese platter or grab this delicious pannacotta recipe and use in baking.

7. Larsen Aqua Ignis

A good bottle of cognac is always a fine gift choice. Larsen Aqua Ignis (water and fire in Latin) is the world’s first cognac aged in steam-toasted barrels. This patented process where each cask is plunged into hot water and toasted over hot fire releases the most complex and finest aromas while keeping out undesired smoky notes, tannins, and acidity. Who wouldn't want a delightful cognac with a long and silky soft finish? Pair it with the right cognac glasses and you got a great gift!

8. Koskenkorva Multipack 4 x 4 cl

Having a hard time deciding on a vodka? Koskenkorva's collection of pure, natural vodkas is just the thing. This sampler kit of vodkas and flavored vodkas will give a taste of some of the signature flavors of Koskenkorva that are perfect for mixing a cocktail or two. We'd recommend The Villager and of course where it all started, the Vodka & Soda.

Looking for a smaller gift?

Grab one of our miniature bottles and create a cocktail kit for a friend or a family member.

9. Linie Aquavit Original

Years and years of expertise and craftmanship can only produce an award-winning, smooth, and well-balanced aquavit. Linie is the oldest aquavit brand in the world dating back to 1805 with the same unchanged recipe is still in use today. Savor drinks, cocktails, and seafood with Linie Aquavit Original and give a gift for the senses this Christmas.

10. Carlow Cuttings Botanical Spirit

Untraditional and modern Irish whiskey for all the adventurous explorers out there. Whiskey doesn't need to live only in the context of tweed jackets and Chesterfield furniture. Carlow Cuttings, a whiskey-based botanical spirit, is all about making whiskey fun and easy-going. Combining this smooth and fruity spirit made from a mix of Irish herbs with a spicy tonic is a sure-fire way to start the evening.

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