Gift-wrapped bottle

3 ways to gift wrap a bottle

Wondering how to gift wrap a bottle beautifully and easily? Use these three ideas to gift wrap bottles like a pro.

Gifting a bottle of your spirit of choice is a great idea for Christmas, birthday, housewarming, or any other special occasion. If you’re not sure how to turn that bottle into a beautifully wrapped gift, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three ways to wrap a bottle (or two!):

1. Wrapping the bottle in paper

Let’s start with a classic paper wrapped gift. For this you will need wrapping paper, scissors, (double-sided) tape, some ribbon, and of course the bottle of your choosing.

  1. Tape the edge of the wrapping paper to the bottle and carefully roll the bottle until it’s fully covered. Secure the other end with a piece of tape (for a clean finish, pleat the end and use double-sided tape).

  2. Fold the paper at the bottom towards the center of the bottle and secure with tape.

  3. Fold the paper at the top in a zig zag pattern, making folds forwards and backwards as you would be when making a fan.

  4. Secure with a ribbon by wrapping it around the length of the bottle. Tie into a bow at the top.

  5. Lift the folds from each side and tape them together to create a beautiful fan shape. And you’re all done!

Gift wrapping a bottle

2. Using a kitchen towel

We’re switching things up a bit and using a kitchen towel for this next gift wrap tutorial. Best part about this idea is that you’re also gifting a beautiful kitchen towel alongside the bottle! You will need a kitchen towel, scissors, and some ribbon alongside the bottle.

  1. Place the bottle at the top half of the kitchen towel.

  2. Lift the bottom half of the towel so it covers the bottle.

  3. Fold the bottom corners of the towel towards the bottle creating a triangle shape.

  4. Fold both sides of the towel over the bottle so it’s wrapped inside.

  5. Tie together with a ribbon at the neck of the bottle making a beautiful bow. You can decorate the gift further by adding, for instance, flowers.

Gift wrapping a bottle

3. Gift wrapping two bottles

Sometimes the occasion calls for a two-bottle gift! Don’t worry, we got an idea for this too. You will need a kitchen towel, scissors, some ribbon, and two bottles.

  1. Place the two bottles at the bottom center of the kitchen towel with the bases of the bottles facing each other.

  2. Start wrapping the bottles inside the towel until you run out of towel.

  3. Flip the bottles so that they are now side by side.

  4. Secure the towel ends together with a ribbon and make a beautiful bow. You can elevate the gift by adding, for instance, a mixing spoon and a cocktail jigger.

Gift wrapping a bottle

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