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Grönstedts - Sweden's favorite cognac

How come a traditional French drink found its home in the cold north? What has caused such a strange bird to find a place in the Swedish hearts and form part of the Swedish nation's drinking history for over 150 years? And, in addition, managed to maintain its popularity and constantly find new customers. Welcome to the story of Grönstedts - a Swedish national icon.

In 1824, Johan Daniel Grönstedt arrived at Stockholm to make a name in the big city. After working for twelve years at various restaurants and establishments 28-year-old Johan Daniel took over a basement in the Old Town, which served as both restaurant and wine trade hub. The busy young man quickly created a reputation for his good drinks. After a few succesful years it was time to open a new shop. The year was 1846 and it was also the year when Johan Daniel Grönstedt blended his very first own cognac.

Grönstedts Cognac quickly became a success and Johan Daniel Grönstedt is today considered the Swedish cognac's father and the his signature products are today the Swedes' greatest favorites. Traditionally, blending and storage of Grönstedts has taken place in Sweden. In fact, Grönstedts is the only cognac in the world allowed to store its products outside the French region. However, in 2008, the decision was made to move the production closer to the origin of the product, namely to Cognac, closer to both raw materials and manufacturing process.

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