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The home bartender’s seven tips on making punch

Home-made, low-alcohol punches and drinks are growing in popularity. They are surprisingly quick and easy to make when you follow an established recipe and remember a few important rules of thumb. Check out these tips from Anora bartender Mikael Karttunen.

Seven tips – here’s how to prepare the perfect punch

1. Use a tried and tested punch recipe

created by a professional that suits the nature of the event This way you’ll be sure that the proportions, taste and alcohol content of the drink will be balanced. For some delicious recipes, see here.

2. Select the appropriate punch bowl or jug and glasses

It’s easiest to make glass jugs of punch, which guests can pour out for themselves. Use your imagination: you can use small jam jars as glasses and sip the drink through straws. Normal wineglasses or trendy wineglasses without stems are also stylish options.

Sauna punch

3. Get the necessary ingredients according to the recipe

You can always halve or double the amount of ingredients, depending on how much punch you need. You can also take the recipe for a single drink and multiply it by the number of guests. A serving of punch is 150–200 ml per person. Depending on the duration of the event and what other drinks are being served, it’s good to prepare 2–3 servings per guest. Store all the ingredients in the refrigerator or another cold place, so that when you make the drink it will be at the right serving temperature, i.e. cold.

4. Make your ice in good time

Ideally, add one large lump of ice to the punch – that way, it melts more slowly. You can freeze decorations such as berries or edible flowers inside the lump of ice. You can also freeze the same juice you use in the punch in the carton it comes in. This way, you avoid the punch becoming watered down as the ice melts. When the juice has frozen solid, it’s easy to peel off the cardboard carton. A carton of juice takes about a day to freeze solid.

The ideal alcoholic strength for punch is 5–6 percent. Don’t make the drink too strong – that way, the evening will remain pleasant right to the end.

5. Prepare the punch just before serving

If you can store your punch bowl in a cold place, then you can mix all the non-carbonated ingredients in advance. Add the ice and carbonated ingredients just before your guests arrive.

6. Decorate stylishly

A delicious blueberry vodka from Finland.

Remember, punch is a drink, not a fruit salad, so decorate it sparingly. It’s best to avoid fruit that easily discolours or disintegrates.

7. When serving the punch to your guests, tell them what it contains

Remember to prepare an alcohol-free option as well. Check beforehand if your guests have any allergies that should be taken into consideration when making the punch.

These tips were given by Anora’s bartender and coach Mikael Karttunen, who has created countless punch and cocktail recipes over the years.

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