O.P. Anderson with food recommendations

How to pair aquavit with food?

Swedish Aquavit matches very well with pizza, grilled food or fish.

Fat & salty food

O.P. Anderson Aquavit works well with savory dishes - such as a heavy pizza or even a dim sum soup.

O.P. Anderson aquavit with pizza

Anything from the grill

Grilled beef or anything with a burnt surface in general. A grilled steak or why not an aubergine needs something to co-op with the char. This is where the aging process comes in & meets up. The charred wood meets the charred produce and helps one another to bring forth that fresh feel rather than the burnt flavour.

O.P. Anderson with a schnapps and steak

Nordic cuisine

In Sweden, O.P. Anderson Aquavit is originally enjoyed as a chilled snaps to accompany traditional Swedish food such as salty fish, seafood & Nordic cuisine in general.

O.P. Anderson with selection of sandwiches and schnapps

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