Ice cubes

How to cool a drink quickly

Guests are already at the door, and you forgot to put the drinks in the refrigerator well on time? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Try these two tips to cool the bottle in about 15 minutes.

1. Give the bottle a salted ice water bath

The fastest way to chill a drink is by giving the bottle an ice bath in salted water. Salt reduces the freezing point of water which allows it to get much colder without freezing. All you need is a container big enough to fit the bottle or if you have multiple bottles, you could even use your kitchen sink.

Here’s how to proceed:

  • Fill the container, for example a wine cooler, with water and add the salt (anything from a few tablespoons to a deciliter). Make sure to leave enough room so that the water doesn’t overflow when adding the ice and bottle in.

  • Add ice cubes into the container and fully submerge the bottle. Wait 15 minutes or less and your drink will be well chilled!

2. Put the bottle in the freezer

Using the freezer is another great way to cool a drink quickly. To speed up the cooling, you can wrap a thin wet kitchen towel or paper towel around the bottle. If you’re cooling a sparkling wine, don’t keep it in the freezer for no longer than fifteen minutes to prevent it from exploding.

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