Bottle lantern

How to repurpose bottles?

Glass is a durable material that can (and should) be recycled but also reused. Give your glass bottle a second life with our easy repurposing ideas.

Instead of just recycling your empty bottles, have you thought about repurposing them? We think many of our products are packed in pretty bottles that deserve a second life. Here are our five recommendations on repurposing bottles:

1. Use as a water bottle

Wash your glass bottle thoroughly and potentially remove any labels and you got yourself a nice water bottle. We like to have water bottles ready in the fridge that you can just grab in the morning and stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Turn into a lantern

Glass bottles are easy to turn into beautiful lanterns that are especially nice during wintertime or summer nights that grow darker. Use inside or outside to create atmospheric lighting. Just wash and dry the bottle and add some fairy lights inside.

3. Make a candle holder

Turn your empty glass bottle into a simple but beautiful candle holder. Just insert a taper candle into a bottle or if you want a more sophisticated candle centerpiece you can fill glass bottles with water and add a piece of greenery inside.

4. Use as a vase

Continuing with the simple and easy tips, use your empty bottles as flower vases either for fresh or dry bouquets or single flowers. You can even make a centerpiece arrangement with different size bottles.

5. Reuse as a glass container

Glass as a material is generally better than plastic when it comes to storing things inside. So, use your empty bottle as a container for various things such as dry goods like granola, seeds, or rice. Just make sure the pieces are small enough to fit through the neck of the bottle.

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