Koskenkorva Apple 21% 50 cl

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Sour and sweet fruit liqueur with a taste of real apples.
Koskenkorva Apple is a delicious apple liqueur with a natural taste of freshly pressed juicy apples. Together with the Koskenkorva Vodka base, the natural ingredients form a well-balanced sweet and sour taste.
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Alcohol %-vol 21
Brand Koskenkorva
Commercial Address Kaapeliaukio 1, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
Detailed product type Liqueur
EAN 06412700341200
Producer Anora Group
Shop category Liqueur
Packaging type Glass bottle
Size 50 cl
A full bodied, juicy, and fresh apple taste with a touch of tannins from the apple peel.

Koskenkorva Apple is made from vodka distilled in the Koskenkorva village and real apple juice​.

Enjoy chilled as it is or use it as a base in refreshing drinks. For a simple and refreshing cocktail, mix it with sparkling water and enjoy after a long, hot summer day.
All Koskenkorva liqueurs are made from vodka distilled in the Finnish village of Koskenkorva, crystal clear glacial spring water, and the best all-natural ingredients.
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