Koskenkorva Vodka Blueberry Juniper 37,5% 70 cl

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A unique blueberry and juniper flavored vodka with gin-like nuances.
Koskenkorva Blueberry Juniper has a rich, spicy and fruity aroma with elegant hints of blueberry, juniper, and pine needle and a light touch of citrus. The taste is soft, fresh, and balanced.
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Alcohol %-vol 37.5
Brand Koskenkorva
Commercial Address Kaapeliaukio 1, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
Detailed product type Flavoured vodka
EAN 06412700511702
Producer Anora Group
Shop category Flavoured vodka
Packaging type Glass bottle
Size 70 cl
The Vodka Masters 2022 - Silver (Flavored/Infused Vodka)
Natural blueberry and juniper flavors with a hint of lime. The blueberry brings freshness to the product while the bitterness of the juniper berries makes it a balanced combination.

Koskenkorva Vodka is made from local barley and distilled through a state of the art continuous distillation process. This is the reason one of the world's purest ethanols does not require separate carbon filtering. 

Enjoy as it is as a shot or use in various drinks and cocktails. As juniper berries bring a gin-like nuance to the product, this flavored vodka works best with tonic, lemon, and a few blueberries.
Koskenkorva Vodka's production is based on circular economy and the distillery has a recycling rate of 99.9%. Koskenkorva's investments in bio and circular economy were awarded The Green Company of the Year award by the international publication, The Drinks Business, in 2018. All Koskenkorva products are made in Finland from the best barley and purest spring water, in the same Koskenkorva village where production started in 1953.
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