Koskenkorva liqueur bottles

Koskenkorva Liqueurs = Great Christmas Gift

Looking for stylish and delicious Christmas gifts? Koskenkorva Liqueurs in beautifully designed glass bottles from Finland are a unique Christmas present.

Koskenkorva Liqueurs from Finland come in beautifully designed glass bottles and the drinks taste simply delicious. The liqueurs are made in Finland from vodka distilled in the Koskenkorva village and then mixed with crystal clear glacial spring water and the best available ingredients. The cork is wooden and etiquettes are stylish matte.

Here are some recommendations:

Gifts for the ones after delicious after-dinner digestives

Koskenkorva Forest Berries Liqueur

Koskenkorva Forest Berry Likör has a rich raspberry flavour with notes of rhubarb. The pine buds give excellent contrast to the sweetness. Certainly a balanced combination of forest and berry flavours.  How to use it: Koskenkorva Forest Berries is a delicous way to finish a dinner. It is also a great, milder shot for party nights. And of course, it can be used as an ingredient in punch or cocktail recipes. 

Koskenkorva Oaky Cranberry Liqueur

The taste and the nose of the drink have a characteristic flavour of cranberry. Aromas of oak give the liqueur its roundness. 

How to use it: Koskenkorva Oaky Cranberry is a delicous way to finish a dinner. Perfect with chocolate desserts, for example! 

Koskenkorva liqueurs oaky cranberry forest berries

Koskenkorva Oaky Cranberry and Forest Berries Liqueurs make a beautiful Nordic Christmas Gift.

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Gifts for party-nighters

Koskenkorva Ginger Liqueur

Koskenkorva Ginger is a combination of real ginger and Koskenkorva vodka. It is a fresh & slightly sweet ginger shot with an ABV of 21%.  It also has less sugar than liqueurs usually have.

Koskenkorva Salmiakki Salty Liquorice Liqueur

Koskenkorva Salmiakki is a delicous liqueur that has recently won the highest Master's price in the Liqueur Master's in the appreciated confectionary category.

Koskenkorva ginger and salmiakki liqueur shots on rake

Which one do you prefer, the dark or bright side of the Moon?

For Liquorice lovers

Koskenkorva Lakritsi Liquorice Shot

This drink will warm you up on any cold wintery evening. It's a sweet liqueur with full-bodied taste of liquorice. I mean, drinkable liquorice, what else can you ask for Christmas? This liquorice liqueur is most commonly enjoyed as a shot, but is a perfect ingredient in wintery cocktails, too. Try it with a hot chocolate, for example!

Koskenkorva lakritsi bottle on brick

Koskenkorva Lakritsi Liquorice Shot is a warm and full-bodied liquorice taste with a hinch of toffee.

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