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Koskenkorva Plant delivers large amounts of ethanol for hand sanitizers

Altia, the producer of Koskenkorva Vodka, Valhalla and Blossa among others, delivers large amounts of ethanol to be used as key ingredient in hand sanitisers – deliveries enough to create up to 200 000 sanitiser bottles per day.

Altia produces technical ethanol, a key ingredient in hand sanitisers, around the clock at its Koskenkorva plant. Altia has worked with Finnish hand sanitiser producers for a long time and is a major supplier of technical ethanols in Finland.

While Altia does not make hand sanitiser products itself, it delivers one of the key ingredients used in hand sanitisers, denatured ethanol. Denatured ethanol is manufactured in large amounts and delivered to companies that produce sanitiser products. Just today, Altia delivered over 70 000 kg of denatured alcohol – enough to make around 200 000 half-litre hand sanitiser bottles.

“For a long time, we have served several companies that produce hand sanitisers. In this critical situation, our focus is on ensuring the sufficiency of raw materials and continuing deliveries to our current customers, in addition to serving new customers as quickly as possible,” says Altia’s CEO Pekka Tennilä.

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