Koskenkorva Vodka 7 Botanicals 2022

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A limited edition summer vodka with a delicious and refreshing taste profile.
Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals is a limited edition flavored summer vodka, containing 7 different flowers and botanicals. The 2022 edition has a refreshing & delicious taste profile, including notes of rose, elderflower, meadowsweet, lemon peel & bergamot.
What it tastes like
Perfect balance of floral sweetness and herbal bitterness. A wide array of aromas dancing around on the palate. Rose, meadowsweet, elderflower and bergamot each taking center stage in their own turn. A soft bitterness gently rising to the top in the long lingering aftertaste.
How to use it
Enjoy chilled, either pure or on the rocks. Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals is also ideal for a variety of cocktails. For a light and refreshing cocktail, measure 4 cl of 7 Botanicals in a glass filled with ice and top up with tonic water.
More Information
Alcohol %-vol 37.5
Brand Koskenkorva
Brand Koskenkorva
Commercial Address Kaapeliaukio 1, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
Detailed product type Flavoured vodka
EAN 06412700551265
Producer Altia Plc
Shop category Flavoured vodka
Packaging type Glass bottle
Size 50 cl

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