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Sustainable vodka from Finland.

Koskenkorva vodka is based on two top quality ingredients; Finnish local barley & pure unprocessed ground water.

CO2 Footprint: 2,19 kg/ litre in a glass bottle.

Green Company of the Year 2018

Altia, the company producing Koskenkorva Vodka, received the Green Company of the Year 2018 award for the circular economy at the Koskenkorva distillery. 

How it's made

Koskenkorva Vodka is distilled in the Village of Koskenkorva, in the vast farmlands of Western Finland. The Koskenkorva distillery is based on bio and circular economy: 100% of the grain is utilised. None of it goes to waste. 

The use of renewable fuel helped the Koskenkorva distillery to cut down its fossil carbon dioxide emissions by over 50% percent. 

How to use it

Thanks to it's pure taste, Koskenkorva Vodka is great ingredient in cocktails. We have created many signature cocktails with Koskenkorva Vodka, such as the Village mar-tea-ni. Check them in the cocktails section.


Recent awards

Los Angeles International Spirits Competition: gold

The Vodka Master's 2018: Premium; silver

International Spirits Challenge 2018, Vodka barley premium, silver

The Vodka Master's 2017: Nordic vodka, silver

The Vodka Master's 2017: Vodka premium, silver

More Information
Alcohol %-vol 40
Allergens No allergens
Brand Koskenkorva
Commercial Address Kaapeliaukio 1,
00180 Helsinki,
Detailed product type Vodka
EAN 6412700148007
Producer Altia Plc
Shop category Vodka
Packaging type Glass bottle
Season Christmas, Crayfish, Midsummer
Size 70 cl
Tradition Finnish, Nordic

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