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The first cognac in the world aged in steam-toasted barrels

Each cask, made of traditional French oak, is plunged into hot water then toasted over hot fire, three times. This technique releases the most complex and finest aromas from the wood while keeping out undesired smoky notes, tannins and acidity.

How it's made

The eaux-de-vie that make up Larsen Aqua Ignis have been carefully selected from the Fins Bois and Bons Bois vineyards known for their soils that produce intense fruity aromas. These eaux-de-vie go through a two-step aging process. First, they are aged in traditional oak barrels. Once extracted, they are blended and taken into “Aqua Ignis III” barrels where they will continue their aging at an alcohol degree of 50%.

This second ageing step is the most special. “Aqua Ignis III” barrels are a small batch of hand-made, fine-grain French oak barrels with a capacity of 225 liters that have been exposed to triple brasero steam-toasting. Each barrel is plunged into hot water then toasted over hot fire, three times.

What it tastes like

Delightful with intense aromas of vanilla, toasted bread, mocha, and brioche with a long and silky soft finish.

How to use it

Larsen Aqua Ignis can be enjoyed around any occasion. It is very expressive when served neat. On ice, it makes for an indulgent and gratifying consumption. You’ll find that the ideal ratio is 4:1. But Larsen Aqua Ignis is also great in cocktails! It makes for a superb Old Fashioned. In fact, as cocktails were popularly made with cognac in the 19th century, we wager that the first Old Fashioned cocktails were made with cognac. Here is what we recommend:

  •   6 cl Larsen Aqua Ignis

  •   2 or 3 dashes of bitters

  •   4 large ice cubes

  •   Just a little bit of sugar

  •   Garnish: orange peel

More Information
Alcohol %-vol 42,3
Allergens No allergens
Brand Larsen
Commercial Address 66 Boulevard de Paris BP 41,
16102 Cognac Cedex,
Detailed product type Cognac /Brandy
EAN 3272519011700
Producer LARSEN "Le Cognac des Vikings" S.A.S
Shop category Cognac
Packaging type Glass bottle
Season Christmas, Winter, Winter holidays
Size 70 cl

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