Larsen X.O. 70 cl with gift box

70 cl
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Larsen XO is the choice of the true Cognac lover. Enjoy the legendary distinctive fruity taste and elegant style.

The very special distillation procedure is a crucial part of Larsen Cognac style: after vinification a rapid distillation of the wines takes place without the lees, in order to preserve the original fruity aromas of the grapes and produce eaux-de-vie of superior elegance and finesse.

Particular attention is paid to the “coeur de la bonne chauffe,” that crucial moment in the life of a Larsen Cognac when the master distiller tastes the eaux-de-vie to select only the very finest – the tiny proportion which will be transferred to oak barrels.

What it tastes like

Nose: Rich of a lot of various aromas, ripe fruits, prunes, walnuts, balsamic and humus. Spices are well present with cinnamon and pepper. Mouth: Characterized by the expression of a long ageing in oak barrels that brings the high concentration of aromas.

How to use it

Larsen X.O. is best enjoyed neat.

More Information
Alcohol %-vol 40
Allergens No allergens
Brand Larsen
Commercial Address 66 Boulevard de Paris BP 41,
16102 Cognac Cedex,
Detailed product type Cognac /Brandy
EAN 3272513030707
Producer LARSEN "Le Cognac des Vikings" S.A.S
Shop category Cognac
Packaging type Glass bottle with gift box
Season Christmas
Size 70 cl
Tradition Nordic

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