Midnight sun view in Finland

Learn Nordic midsummer magic

In the Nordics, midsummer has long been considered a magical time of love.

The longest night of the year

Midsummer has been considered a magical night - probably because it is the lightest night of the year. Thus, it makes a good night try to tell people's futures.

At midsummer you could also discover treasures, for example by examining the moonbeams and their location. Many plants have been considered to have healing powers - during just one special night. In the old times, people would go to holy springs and drink healing water. We at Nordic Spirits recommend that you keep to the vegetables and drinks that you know - just to be sure!

Will seven different flowers predict your future?

Midsummer has always been a magical time for love. It is still common to organize midsummer weddings and christening seremonies. In both Finland and in Sweden, young women can try this: on your way home from the midsummer ball, you can pick seven different flowers and lay them under your pillow. At night, you should see your future husband in a dream. Just make sure you are not allergic to any of the flowers!

Koskenkorva bottle, old keys and punch of flowers

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