Koskenkorva blueberry juniper vodka with cocktail

Match tonic with these liquors to make a fresh variation

If you want to make a variation of the old-time-favourite G&T, try matching these liquors with tonic water.

1. Vodka tonic

The vodka tonic is a classic in its own right, and particularly delicious variations of it can be made with different flavoured vodkas. Try a Blueberry tonic with Koskenkorva Blueberry Juniper Vodka, for instance. Or, you can try making a tonic in village style:

2. Aquavit tonic

Aquavit is overall a good base for cocktails. It has a generous natural base boasting an incredible spice balance. In practice, it has that same something that gin does - it brings more spiciness to the drink. As the dominant tastes are caraway and dill, the spiciness is however different so one needs to be careful with other herbs like mint that overrides the taste of the aquavit. Aquavit tonic is a refreshing variant of the classic cocktail!

Check our aquavit tonic recipe here.

3. Cognac tonic

The combo might sound exciting, but vognac tonic is definitely worth trying. This marriage works well thanks to the abundant fruitiness of the cognac and the tartness of the tonic. The result is a richly nuanced but balanced drink.

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