Koskenkorva Blackwood Cocktail

The most peculiar Nordic drinks to try

The Nordic culture has impacted the way we drink here in the north, too. Some of the most popular Nordic drinks are unknown to the rest of the world. Here is a few to try out!

Skåne Akvavit – the Swedish favourite

Aquavit is by definition a very Scandinavian drink. It is a spirit spiced with caraway and a variety of different botanicals. The Swedes, Danes and Norwegians have their own character of aquavits. Skåne aquavit is a very traditional Swedish aquavit which has a slightly milder taste than O.P. Anderson.

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Jaloviina is Finnish cut brandy

The story of Jaloviina reflects Finland’s contemporary history. It was developed in the early 1930s when the prohibition era ended. The Finns wanted a drink that was more straightforward to enjoy than cognac. Thus, Jaloviina was introduced and shortly after it became known as the perfect companion to every occasion from ball rooms to wilderness lodges.

Salmiakki Koskenkorva

This is one of the most sold liqueurs in Finland. It is most commonly enjoyed as a shot, but is a perfect ingredient in wintery cocktails, too.

Salty liquorice is a very famous sweet in the Nordic countries, especially in Finland. It is called "salmiakki" in the Finnish language. The name originates from ammonium chloride, one of the main ingredients of the sweet. It tastes salty, even stinging to some extent.

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