O.P. Anderson Aquavit 40% 70 cl

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The most popular aquavit in Sweden.
This organic Swedish aquavit is made from caraway, anise and fennel suiting savory dishes. Herring, pickled vegetables and Danish smörrebröd becomes even more flavourful with O.P. Anderson.
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Alcohol %-vol 40
Brand O.P. Anderson
Commercial Address Sandhamnsgatan 63 C, SE-115 28, Stockholm
Detailed product type Aquavit
EAN 05710778001356
Organic Yes
Organic ingredients Organic grain spirit, organic sugar, organic spices
Producer Anora Group
Shop category Aquavit
Packaging type Glass bottle
Size 70 cl
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The Speciality Spirits Masters 2021 - Gold (Aquavit) Jury's comments: “A classic style, brilliantly made. Smooth and elegant with a nice spicy bite at the end. The cooling caraway works nicely.”
Spicy and round and complex Aquavit character from caraway with notes of anise and licorice.

O.P. Anderson Original is made at the O.P. Anderson Distillery in Sundsvall, Sweden. The organic spices are distilled to extract the taste and and are aged six months in oak barrels before bottling.

O.P. Anderson Aquavit is originally enjoyed as a chilled snaps to accompany traditional Swedish food such as salty fish, seafood & Nordic cuisine in general. Aquavit in cocktails During the recent years, aquavit has gained strong foothold in the bursting cocktail scene in northern Europe. O. P. Anderson is at the forefront of the aquavit cocktail boom - it is a versatile classic that gives great twist for both classic and modern cocktail recipes.
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