O.P. Martini

Örjan Westerlund expands the Dry Martini repertoire with a Nordic contribution and offers a delicious cocktail with gin from O.P. Distillery.

Ingredients for 1 person

  • 6 cl O.P. Anderson Distillery Organic Dry Gin

  • 1 cl Bäska Droppar

  • 1 cl Henri Bardouin Pastis


  1. Cool a cocktail glass. Pour the pastis in and spin the glass. Pour off the excess.

  2. Fill a mixing glass with ice. Pour in Bäska Droppar. Stir gently. Pour off water and the bitter.

  3. Fill the glass with gin and stir.

  4. Strain the gin into the martini glass, garnish with star anise, olives and squeeze a little lemon peel oil on the drink and also rub with the lemon peel around the edge of the glass.

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