What are the best sauna drinks?

Sauna bathing is an essential part of Finnish culture. There are 3,3 million saunas in Finland - and total the population of Finland is 5,4 million. Traditionally, sauna is heated in the evening, usually on weekends. But you can go into the sauna any time during the day (or night). Sauna drink can technically be whatever but there are two definite spirits favourites among the Finnish people: Koskenkorva and Jaloviina.

In addition, beer, long drinks as well as sparkling/still water are safe bets for a sauna bathing session. When it comes to stronger spirits, you should try out also our barrel aged Koskenkorva Vodka. If there is a bigger party and sauna is organized as a part of it, it is common surprise to hide a bottle of Jaloviina somewhere in the sauna premises for the guests to enjoy.

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