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Searching for the perfect after ski drink

Nordic Spirits editor Milja went searching for the best after ski drink. Here's what she found!

"I've skied as long as I can remember. This means that I've also tasted several after ski drinks in different countries. Champagne in the French alps, weissbier, or weizen as they say, in the Austrian side, glintwein in the Caucasian mountains, local sake in Japan as well as hot chocolate in the Nordic countries. But it is very difficult to tell what is best. It depends on the day, too. If you've had an exhausting randonnee, you might want to have a cold beer and cool down after the day. In the north, the weather is usually cold already and then a hot drink is a must. In more exotic destinations, you'll have whatever the locals are having."

People in ski-lift

"In a Finnish after ski bar you will often find a menu that lists at least four types of hot chocolate - usually even more. There is hot chocolate with Jaloviina, Xanté, Koskenkorva Salmiakki and Minttu. It is very difficult to pick your favourite!"

Skier standing in a sunset

"If you think about the cultural meaning of the after ski drink, it's huge. You can wrap up the day with friends before returning to normal routines. If you have been ski touring in the mountains, it is usually also the first time when you are ably to sit down and know that you are 100% safe from avalanches and stuff."

"Usually, my choice is hot chocolate with Koskenkorva Salmiakki or Jaloviina. Just because there is a lot of calories in chocolate and we most likely have forgotten to eat lunch during the ski day."

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