Aquavit, a potent spirit hailing from the Nordic regions, with a distinct flavor profile characterized by dominant notes of either caraway, dill, or a harmonious blend of both. As the world-leading aquavit producer we bring you the selection of the most iconic aquavit brands from all the biggest aquavit countries: Swedish aquavit O.P. Anderson, Norwegian aquavit icon Lysholm Linie and Danish aquavit brand Aalborg.

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Sometimes written “aquavit”, sometimes “akvavit”, sometimes “akvevitt” - aquavit stands as a symbol of Scandinavian spirit-making tradition. It has it's place in most of the celebrations around the year, and there are also special Christmas aquavits for the occasion and and special edition aquavits, often modern takes on aquavit created.

Are you wondering where to start your aquavit journey? Or are you wondering what are the differences between aquavits from different countries? No worries, we have created a guide to get your started, read here what aquavit actually is.

Traditionally, aquavit is enjoyed straight or as a schnapps, but did you know that aquavit is also great for cocktails? Here's our guide to aquavit cocktails.

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