Svenska Nubbar - Swedish Culture distilled

Svenska Nubbar has all the best Swedish aquavits in one package.

The practice of seasoning liquor had its’ beginnings in early herbal medicine. With the knowledge to distill, the medicinal herbs were mixed with Aqua Vitae, the ”water of life” and very soon people began to drink the flavoured spirits for non-medical reasons. Thus the foundations were laid for a really unique and distinctly Swedish tradition.

”Snaps is a living Swedish culture - And simply a pretty damn good food companion”-Jonas Odland, Chief Blender of O.P. Anderson Distillery.

Svenska Nubbar is a collection of Swedish snaps that have always have been about the true spice! These snaps are incredibly well balanced and have been crafted to match great food for great times! Genuine Swedish craftsmanship and a tasty source of enjoyment and pleasure.

What is aquavit?

Aquavit is a term for spirits originating in the Nordic countries, with a dominant taste of caraway, dill, or both, and having an alcoholic strength of at least 37.5%. Aquavit is somewhat of a symbol for Scandinavian cuisine.

Depending on which of the Nordic countries it comes from, almost all of the home-cooked meals in that region are aligned in sisterly fashion with that country's particular style and character of aquavit. In the Scandinavian countries, the seasoning of aquavit has developed into a fine art through respect for the raw material, scientific manufacturing, more meticulous seasoning and some creativity.

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