Koskenkorva foraged vodka

World's first foraged vodka is made by Koskenkorva

Koskenkorva Foraged Vodka is a new, unique premium vodka that takes the consumer back to the nature and combines today’s trends of food foraging and local craftsmanship.

There is a growing interest in wild foods. Food foraging is a new Nordic movement and over the past years the practice has gained huge popularity in the world of haute cuisine.  Koskenkorva Foraged Vodka is a premium barrel aged vodka made exclusively from local barley, flavoured with the finest handpicked local botanicals such as Calluna, Fireweed, Birch and Pine. This gives the vodka a combined taste of herbal and roots, forestry notes of pine and birch with touch of herbal fireweed and flowery heather. The vodka is produced in collaboration with real people from the area of Ostrobothnia in Finland.

Heritage in combination with local craftsmanship

The local farmers are dedicated and hard-working people. They have been the backbone of Koskenkorva Vodka for six decades and most have worked as farmers for generations. Ever since 1953, the local community has come together to ensure their vodka is made from highest quality with the best equipment available. The beautifully designed bottle is a unique and carefully detailed piece of art with brown glass, featuring a handmade detail made by craftsman Juha Koskela, in his workshop near Koskenkorva village. The wooden gift box with its rustic old wood and leather handle is designed by Finnish designer Tea Latvala and is inspired by the brand’s heritage since 1953. As a contribution to the natural cycle, the wooden box can be put out in the woods and serve as a bird house.

Flavoured with the finest handpicked local botanicals such as Calluna, Fireweed, Birch and Pine.

“This is the first foraged Vodka ever launched and we believe there is nothing out there that can be compared to this. Koskenkorva Foraged Vodka is a strong combination of local craftsmanship, creativity and heritage, which is a unique contrast,” says Caroline Grundström, Senior Brand Manager at Altia Sweden AB.

The Koskenkorva Foraged Vodka is meant to be enjoyed either at home or in a refined bar setting as a sophisticated mixed drink. It also serves as a great gift.

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