Xanté Sour & Pear 50 cl

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Sweet and sour mixed to perfection.

Xanté Sour & Pear has the same characteristic taste as the original Xanté, with a sweet pear character and a hint of cognac. But Xanté Sour & Pear stands out from the Xanté family with its lower alcohol content and fresh sour touch!

What it tastes like

The liqueur features a sweet pear character, cognac flavor and sour freshness. The sweetness of the pear is balanced with a ripe citrus finish making Xanté Sour & Pear a perfect mix of sweet and sour.

How to use it

There are not many rules when it comes to how Xanté should be enjoyed. Serve it ice cold as it is or try making a Skinny Lennart cocktail. All you need is lots of ice, Xanté Sour & Pear, a lime squeeze and a splash of soda. Or build our Pear Spritz in a glass full of ice by adding equal parts Xanté Sour & Pear and your favorite bubble. Then add a splash of soda and decorate with whatever you want. Everything is allowed in Xanté's world.

More Information
Alcohol %-vol 15
Allergens No allergens
Brand Xanté
Commercial Address Sandhamnsgatan 63 C,
SE-115 28 Stockholm,
Detailed product type Liqueur
EAN 6412703120123
Producer Altia Sweden AB
Shop category Liqueur
Packaging type Glass bottle
Season Midsummer
Size 50 cl
Tradition Swedish

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