Koskenkorva is made of the northernmost barley in the world

Made of the northernmost barley

Koskenkorva is made of the northernmost barley in the world. Barley provides the best harvest in the arctic climate of the village. Koskenkorva uses custom barley varieties, such as Saana and Elmeri, that have been developed for the short growing season of Finland. The summer days are so long that for almost a month the sun doesn’t set at all and all that abundant light enhances the enzymatic properties of the barley. Barley also enables a clean fermentation and distillation process which requires less washing and less water.

Most of Koskenkorva’s barley is sourced locally within a 200 km radius of the Koskenkorva village. The plant in Koskenkorva uses about 210 million kilos of Finnish barley a year, which represents around 12% of the total barley harvest in Finland. One way of putting this colossal figure of 210 million kilos into perspective is by imagining 17 trucks full of barley, delivered to the plantevery weekday of the year.