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A quest for Nordic Spirit

The fells, the fjords and the calm city streets of north conceal a secret - Nordic Spirit. The Nordic countries have, for long, been an area where things are thought - well - differently. When you think about Nordic innovations, they share one predominant feature. There is always a twist, or a feeling of experimental spirit that makes them quite unique. And that's what our laboratory is all about, too.

Our products represent the very essence of the innovative Nordic tradition. Our first product, Nordic Spirits Lab Gin, was introduced in 2015. It is a distilled hybrid gin with akvavit botanicals. Quirky and fresh, it’s a gin with a true Nordic twist. (And it’s perfect for cocktails.)  Our Aperitif, on the other hand, is a newer addition in the portfolio; a versatile low ABV bitter spirit with 100% natural ingredients.

NSL Gin is sure to breathe new life into any old G&T

Nordic Spirits Lab Gin is perfect for cocktails. It's sure to breathe new life into any old G&T!

"When you make a cocktail of Nordic Spirits Lab Gin, the freshness of juniper and citrus, spicyness of the aquavit botanicals and the floral notes of meadowsweet and violet all play together exactly like we designed it. For an experience that best respects the complexity of the gin and lets all flavors shine through we recommend using a tonic water with character, such as Thomas Henry Tonic Water.

It really opens up the flavor palette of the gin for you to appreciate. For garnishing we recommend using dill and lemon peel. 

On the other hand, if you want a G&T that is easy drinking, like for a lighthearted summer party, choose more simple tonic water and garnish the cocktail with a lemon peel. In this combintion, it is all about the freshness of the gin."

-Mikael Karttunen, Nordic Spirits Lab Gin Global Brand Ambassador