nordic spirits lab gin

Nordic Spirits Lab Gin

Gin with Akvavit botanicals

Akvavit has made a comeback among mixologists. Akvavit shares a lot of ingredients with gin, like coriander, angelica and lemon peel. It’s only the key botanical - caraway or dill - that makes its taste profile fundamentally different. Because of their similarities, akvavit is actually the perfect companion to gin. That’s why we’ve developed Nordic Spirits Lab Gin, a distilled hybrid gin with akvavit botanicals. Quirky and fresh, it’s a gin with a Nordic twist.

How to use it

Nordic Spirits Lab Gin is perfect for cocktails. It's sure to breathe new life into any old G&T!

"For an experience that best respects the complexity of the gin and lets all flavors shine through we recommend Thomas Henry Tonic Water. It has a very clean and original tonic character that opens up the flavor palette of the gin for you to appreciate. Freshness of juniper and citrus, spicyness of the aquavit botanicals and the floral notes of meadowsweet and violet all play together exactly like we designed it. For garnishing we recommend using dill and lemon peel. 

On the other hand, if you want a G&T that is easy drinking, like for a lighthearted summer party, where the freshness of the gin is key, just choose Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water and a lemon garnish."

-Mikael Karttunen, Nordic Spirits Lab Gin Global Brand Ambassador