Aquavit cocktails

Aquavit is a great base for cocktails. It has a generous natural base boasting an incredible spice balance. In practice, it has that same something that gin does - it brings more spiciness to the drink. Try our delicious cocktail recipes based on O.P. Anderson Aquavit.


A fruity drink created by Jonas “The Lizard” Ericsson at Brasserie Godot.

Birch Martini

Just like a dry martini. But without the gin.

Herbacious D

Copenhagen in a cocktail. Created by Jeppe Nothlev, Copenhagen, Denmark.

OP, the OG

A fantastic drink that breaks boundaries. Created by Mikko Karjunen in Helsinki, Finland.

O.P. Anderson Perfect Serve

Pairing beer with aquavit will perfectly lift the flavors of both.

Picnic Punch

Best served on the one sunny day of the Swedish summer. Created by Thruls Thomsen, Oslo, Norway.


Close to being a twist on the classic cocktail Alaska. Created by Pontus Arensberg Nööjd, Stockholm, Sweden.


Crisp, green and elegant aquavit cocktail. Created by Niclas Ericson, Sweden.

Olof Palme

A Swedish riff on the classic cocktail, Fidel Castro.

The Original Bronx

From Manhattan to the Bronx!

Hooked on aquavit

A Swedish remake on Manhattan.


A Swedish drink rendering an audaciously fruity and spicy interpretation of the Cosmopolitan – notably with aquavit instead of vodka.

Green Light Collins

The Swedish mojito with an aquavit base.

Bright Lady

An elegant cocktail that brings out a whiter shade of aquavit’s golden glow – yet preserving its brightness and vibrancy.

Last Wörd

No need for further argument when asked about the prospects of aquavit cocktails.

Aquavit Sour

A long-lasting classy favorite with an aquavit base.

O.P. Tonic

Replace gin with aquavit in your gin and tonic cocktail.

Swedish Mule

The Russian mule travels west and gets a Swedish make-over.

Swedish Negroni

It was about time to introduce the O.P. Anderson aquavit to the Negroni cocktail.

Bloody OP

Tomato juice & aquavit! A Swedish version of the legendary Bloody Mary cocktail.