Jaloviina - The Finnish Legend

Jaloviina - or Jallu as most of the Finns know it - is a unique Finnish cut brandy drink, a mix of cognac and clear grain spirit, and manufactured according to a traditional recipe since the end of prohibition in Finland in 1932.

Jaloviina is a unique Finnish spirit drink that has no direct substitute anywhere in the world. It was launched to the market in 1932, straight after the Finnish prohibition period ended.

Jaloviina bottle caps on a wooden surface

In the beginning there were four different Jaloviina products: one, two and three star editions as well as more premium Jaloviina*** Extra. During the second world war zero star Jaloviina was also introduced. The amount of Cognac was decreased to the minimum level due to regulation of ingredients during the war time.

Jaloviina coffee mug on a table with a sparkler

Jaloviina has a special role in Finland’s history and cultural heritage, and it makes several appearances in novels, broadcasts and media. It is popular in many different circles – most notably among rock musicians, huntsmen, and university students – and has acquired several affectionate pet names, such as mountain cognac, student cognac and, of course, Jallu.

Jaloviina on glass with a nail as a straw

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