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In the village of Koskenkorva, life isn’t complicated. We have good barley, pure water, dedicated local farmers and state-of-the-art distillation process.


No sea is like Skagerrak. Its powerful, Nordic nature is unique. Nature and fauna are the heart and soul of Skagerrak, here all senses are exploding with exciting spices and beautiful colours. The raw, salty wind also carries the sweetness of the flowers and berries.


Valhalla is a tasty herb shot developed and produced in Finland. Great drink for different occasions as it tastes delicious both ice-cold and in room temperature. Available in a beautiful glass bottle that will decor any shelf as well as in plastic bottle. 


LINIE Aquavit is not only the oldest aquavit brand in the world but also the most known.

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With summer comes Koskenkorva Vodka 7 Botanicals

It’s finally that time of the year when Koskenkorva releases their limited-edition summer vodka, Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals 2023.

How to choose tonic water for gin & tonic?

The old classic, the gin and tonic, remains highly popular. But what kind of gin and what kind of tonic water should be mixed together for the best possible result? And what other cocktails can tonic water be used in?

Cocktails & Recipes

Passionfruit Spritz

Spritz your way to spring with this fresh and fruity drink straight from the village of Koskenkorva.

Valhalla French Toast

French toast and raspberry sauce made with Valhalla Herb Liqueur is not only a delicious dessert but an easy one to make too. Try it today!

Gin Gin Mule

One could say that the Gin Gin Mule is a mix of Mojito and Moscow Mule but with gin. It’s a fresh drink with a taste of lime and ginger.

The home bartender’s seven tips on making punch

Home-made, low-alcohol punches and drinks are growing in popularity. They are surprisingly quick and easy to make when you follow an established recipe and remember a few important rules of thumb. 

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