Nordic Spirits Lab - The world is our laboratory

The Nordic Spirits Lab is a platform for collaborative experimentation and innovation.

The Nordic Spirits Lab is a group of specialists from both inside and outside the industry. Our inventions include, but aren’t limited to, new kinds of tastes and ways of enjoying drinks. Our aim is also to come up with safe yet progressive solutions to some of the age-old problems of drinking.

Nordic Spirits Lab test tube with liquid

So how do we do it? We explore everything that has to do with drinks and drinking: the social, commercial, and scientific dimensions of production and consumption.

We collaborate and experiment. We deconstruct things. Then we put them together in new ways. We imagine things that don’t exist. Then we make them. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we succeed. But we always strive to discover something new.

Nordic Spirits Lab laboratory bottle with liquid

Our community includes brand experts, mixologists, business strategists, designers, artists, inventors and scientists. And anything in between. But we all share one thing: a passion for reinventing the drinking experience.

We collaborate with a select number of experts, who are among the greatest innovators within their respective fields. Their thinking and insight encourage us to push the limits of what’s possible.

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