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Brand new products from the Koskenkorva village in Finland have just arrived! From liqueurs to vodkas to ready cocktail mixes, there's something for everyone.

Arctic Juniper & Citrus London Dry Gin

Tasty new gin at Nordic Spirits! Arctic Juniper & Citrus is a fresh Finnish gin with fine notes of juniper balanced by refreshing citrus. It leaves a tasty impression with its classic gin character, herbal aroma, and a long and full-bodied aftertaste.

Xanté liqueurs

The Xanté liqueur range is growing with four new flavours! Spring and summer are approaching us fast and these drinks might be just what you need for up-coming festivities. All Xanté liqueurs are vegan, lactose-free, and work wonderfully as such or as ingredients in tasty cocktails.

Carlow Cuttings Botanical Spirit

Carlow is a new brand to hit our digital store shelves. This new-comer is all about making non-traditional and modern Irish whiskey that works for everyone. Carlow Cuttings Botanical Spirit is their first launch and a unique one at that. The botanical-infused whiskey has rich aromas from a mix of Irish herbs including thyme, yarrow, linden flower, and rosemary. This smooth spirit is best enjoyed over some ice, preferably mixed with a citrusy or spicy tonic. Cheers!

Bäska Droppar

Bäska Droppar ("bitter drops") is a strong and bitter herbal schnaps made using wormwood, a common botanical used in many drinks including the likes of absinthe. It has a full-bodied, dry, and very bitter taste with a clear character of wormwood, hints of orange, and cinnamon. Bäska Droppar works especially well with flavorful and fatty foods.

LOL Fisu Shot

And last but not least, the LOL Fisu Shot, for all those looking for a little more kick in their drink. The taste of this shot is full-bodied and intensely fresh thanks to menthol being combined with fiery chili liquorice! Enjoy as a chilled shot.

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