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Linie Aquavit

The oldest aquavit brand in the world dating back to 1805 is known for its smoothness, dry style, and subtle taste making it a perfect ingredient for drinks and cocktails. It's also ideal for accompanying seafood dishes.

Skagerrak Gin

Created together with the best Nordic bartenders, Skagerrak Nordic Dry Gin offers crisp juniper notes combined with subtle and complex flavors and aromas from botanicals growing in and around the Skagerrak region.

Aalborg Aquavit

Aalborg Akvavit is the name of the classic Danish aquavit - the one that Danes love and put on the table again and again. And not without reason: Aalborg Akvavit represents more than 160 years of experience in the art of making spirits.

Gammel Dansk

A strong herbal bitter developed by Danish Jørgen Ketil Asmund in 1964 to offer a multidimensional and rich bitter suitable for Nordic tastes.

Vikingfjord Vodka

A high-quality vodka from Norway with a silky and neutral taste and a clean, well-balanced aftertaste. Turn it into a vodka gimlet, for example or enjoy it ice cold!

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