Xanté Dark Chocolate & Pear 35% 50 cl

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A wonderful fusion between dark chocolate, pear and brandy.
Xanté Dark Chocolate & Pear has a scent of dark chocolate and sun-ripened pears that blends nicely with hints of brandy and dark roasted coffee. Like other Xanté liqueurs, Dark Chocolate & Pear is vegan and lactose-free.
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Alcohol %-vol 35
Brand Xanté
Commercial Address Sandhamnsgatan 63 C, SE-115 28 Stockholm, Sweden
Detailed product type Liqueur
EAN 06412703120215
Producer Anora Group
Shop category Liqueur
Packaging type Glass bottle
Size 50 cl
Sweet with a nice balance of the dark chocolate, the fruity pear taste and the touch of brandy.
There are not many rules when it comes to how to enjoy Xanté Dark Chocolate & Pear. Serve it as an avec with coffee after a hearty dinner, pour a splash on vanilla ice cream or try mixing it with a really cold milkshake. Everything is allowed in Xanté's world.
Xanté was introduced to the Swedish home market in 1994 and has since had a special place in the hearts of many Swedes. Xanté Dark Chocolate & Pear is the third in a series of Xanté innovations in Sweden. Did you know that a bakery called Vetekatten in Stockholm boasts a cake with exactly the same combination? They call it Xanté D'or, a ridiculously tasty chocolate cake with a touch of pear and cognac from Xanté!
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