Blossa Sparkling & Spices Citrus 10% 75 cl

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Fresh & fruity combination of glögg spices and sparkling wine
Blossa Sparkling & Spices Citrus is the perfect drink for winter celebrations and is best served chilled unlike traditional glöggs.
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Alcohol %-vol 10
Brand Blossa
Commercial Address Sandhamnsgatan 63 C, SE-115 28 Stockholm, Sweden
Detailed product type Glögg
EAN 06412703012930
Producer Anora Group
Shop category Glögg
Packaging type Glass bottle
Size 75 cl
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Fresh and fruity taste of cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves topped with a hint of citrus.
Enjoy it chilled as a toast or an aperitif. Perfect for social gatherings with friends and family and a great alternative to winter’s warm drinks.
Blossa Sparkling & Spices Citrus was inspired by consumers. Seeing people get creative with glögg by mixing it with sparkling wine inspired the Blossa team. Taking note of this trend, Blossa Sparkling & Spices was launched to give consumers a drink that's perfect for mingling, appetizers, and parties.
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