Blossa brings warmth in to the cold Nordic Winter. It is the most popular glögg Sweden, with the original recipe from 1865.

There's only one real glögg

The genuine ingredients are key. All of our glöggs, even the non- alcoholic, are based on wines from vineyards from Southern Europe to give Blossa glögg its characteristic flavour of dried fruits and raisins. We also add the finest sugar from sugar beets to ensure the precise sweetness we are famous for, and then there are the spices! The right spices are carefully selected to ensure Blossa’s taste profile. They are carefully tested a year in advance to ensure the perfect blend. The spices are then extracted in liquor for 4 weeks and left to mature for another 3 months.

The product we create is 100% genuine and real, in every sip. This philosophy of course applies to our whole range, with or without alcohol.

Blossa is blended with care

Our chief blender Åsa Orsvärn ensures that our products live up to the high standards we set. With her expertise and passion for blending, she is involved in the development of all our glögg, from our original Blossa range, our unique Annual Edition to all other Blossa innovations. For over 15 years Åsa has perfected her blending skills, closing the door to her small blending room and disappearing into a world of spices, dried fruits, wine and spirits to make sure that the Blossa tradition lives on. 

“It’s not about streamlining, it’s about keeping Blossa authentic”. Chief blender Åsa Orsvärn

Her job is to adjust the recipe depending on wine and spice harvest to ensure that Blossa keeps it sensorial profile and top quality year after year. Åsa is responsible for all our production, from selecting the very best raw materials, to composing the perfect balance of seasonal wines and spices, while safeguarding the process. “It’s not about streamlining, it’s about keeping Blossa authentic”.

How Blossa came to be

Johan Daniel Grönstedt was one of the most prominent wine merchants in Stockholm in the 19th century. He was famous for his cognac, port and glögg, which were based on recipes he created using fortified wines, cognac and spice blends. These recipes are still in use today. 

Glögg was seen as a very exclusive beverage to start with, but in the late 19th century it became more available for “ordinary” consumers and became very popular. Glögg’s popularity in the Nordics originates from the tradition of drinking fortified, sweeter wines often spiced with, at that time, common spices such as citrus, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger.


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