Drinks for Christmas parties

Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy good food and drinks but also a time to celebrate with friends and family. In the Nordics Christmas celebrations are taken up a notch with traditional pre-Christmas festivities. From the Finnish pikkujoulu (‘little Christmas’) to the Norwegian julebord (‘Christmas table’), these festive parties are a way to get together and have fun with friends. And sip on some tasty drinks and cocktails, of course!

Getting fizzy with it

Friends + sparkles = celebration. Grab your sparkling drinks for the festive season.

How to cool a bottle quickly?

Forgot to put your drinks in the fridge the night before, don’t fret! Grab our tips on how to cool a drink just in time for guests.

Cocktails made easy

Making cocktails was never this easy. Our ready cocktail mixes include all-time cocktail favorites such as Mojito, Collins, and Margarita. Just add ice and enjoy!

Creating festive ice cubes

Dress up and infuse flavor into your drinks with holiday-themed ice cubes. 

Making holiday cocktail decorations

Creating a cocktail is one thing but making it look festive and pretty is another. Wow your guests with these easy cocktail decorations.

Holiday drinks to sip from Christmas through New Year’s

Get in the party spirit with these festive cocktails and dance the night away.

Blossa 23 Gin & Tonic

A crisp, cold gin & tonic never disappoints. This recipe shows you how to give it a Christmas twist.

Gin Gin Mule

Cin-cin! Or should we say Gin-gin! This fresh drink is almost like a mix between Mojito and Moscow Mule but with gin and can be easily prepared

Winter Spritz

A new variant of the popular drink - now with flavors of lemon, mulled wine and cinnamon. When topped with sparkling wine, it becomes festive.

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