Koskenkorva liqueur

Discover Koskenkorva's range of delicious liqueurs, made with the highest quality vodka and natural ingredients. From flavours like refreshing peppermint to Nordic berries and our famous Salmiakki. Koskenkorva's full-bodied liqueurs are perfect for shots or cocktails. Shop now and find your new favorite.

Explore the large collection of flavorful liqueurs by Koskenkorva. Our extensive range of flavors includes everything from cool and refreshing peppermint liquor to delicious liqueurs made from Nordic berries, not to mention our world-famous Salmiakki liquor- the ultimate blend of salty liquorice and vodka. Made from only the finest natural ingredients, our full-bodied liqueurs are perfect for shots or as a key ingredient in your favorite cocktails. Whether you're looking for a sweet or sour option, we have the perfect liqueur to suit your taste buds. Browse our selection today and discover your new go-to liqueur for any occasion.

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