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Nordic Spirits Lab Gin is something totally different

Nordic × Gin is a distilled hybrid gin with akvavit botanicals. Quirky and fresh, it’s a gin with a Nordic twist. And it’s perfect for cocktails.

Akvavit shares a lot of ingredients with gin, like coriander, angelica and lemon peel. It’s only the key botanical - caraway or dill - that makes its taste profile fundamentally different. Because of their similarities, akvavit is actually the perfect companion to gin. 

Our Gin is made up of 10 carefully selected botanicals that are then individually processed, distilled and blended to create the final recipe. Some of them include bitter orange peel, juniper berry, angelica root and crown dill.

This combo is sure to breathe new life into any old G&T.

Nordic × Gin has a strong and full taste with crisp juniper and coriander on top. Subtle citrus and flowery notes add another layer of complexity and elegance. But the killer surprise? Caraway and dill.

So how did we arrive at this recipe? Our community includes brand experts, mixologists, business strategists, designers, artists, inventors and scientists. And anything in between. But we all share one thing: a passion for reinventing the drinking experience.

We believe that people think and create best when they’re together. That’s why the Nordic Spirits Lab brings an eclectic group of people together to collaborate and experiment with each other. Our aim is to develop the ideas that will define the future of the industry.

When the world meets the North, great ideas are born.

Nordic Spirits Lab Laboratory Bottles

The whole world is our laboratory. There’s no limit to what inspires us, whether it’s a quirky drinking habit or the latest scientific research. If it’s interesting, we’ll use it in our experiments. But that’s not all.  

We also use the world as a source of inspiration to enrich our own Nordic heritage. Because if there’s one thing we know, it’s this: When the world meets the North, great ideas are born.

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