Drinks for the Christmas table

While glögg is without a doubt the most popular Nordic Christmas drink, aquavit holds a special place in the hearts of Scandinavians. Aquavit, derived from the Latin word aqua vitae (‘water of life’), pairs well with typically heavy Christmas meals but if it’s not your cup of tea, fear not. Read along to find many drink recommendations and food and cocktail recipes for every part of your dinner menu – from aperitifs to digestifs and everything in between.

Start your dinner party in style

Never underestimate a good aperitif! Stimulate the appetite with a fizzy or slightly tart drink and some light appetizers. Grab our recommendations and cocktail tips below.

Lemon Spritz

Move over Aperol Spritz! Lemon Spritz is a refreshing and lightly tangy cocktail that’s easy to make.

Nordic Negroni

Negroni is an iconic aperitif that gets a Nordic twist in this tasty cocktail.

Pair drinks with Christmas food like a pro

Aquavit is a common sight in the Scandinavian Christmas tables as the unique aromas in the spiced spirits enhance and strengthen the flavors of the food they are combined with. The obvious combination is aquavit and seafood but aquavit spices such as cumin, citrus, dried fruits also marry well with a wide range of dishes from ham to sweet desserts.

Want to learn more about pairing aquavit with Christmas food?

Read our schnapps guide on matching food and drinks on the Christmas table.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

No dinner party is complete without a tasty dessert. Did you know that glögg can also be used in baking? Give it a try with these delicious recipes.

Glubbel Pannacotta

Italy’s gift to dessert lovers across the world gets a tasty twist with Glubbel Sparkling Glühwein. This dessert is a beautiful addition to any Christmas table.

Blossa Brownies

Blossa Chief Blender Åsa Orsvärn’s favorite dessert recipe! These brownies made with Blossa Vinglögg and cranberries practically melt in your mouth.

Sip on these digestifs after a big meal

Did you even have a Christmas dinner without feeling completely full afterwards, we think not. Stimulate digestion with these nightcaps.

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